A Canadian musician who is the lead vocalist and bassist of Rush, Geddy Lee, took his official Instagram account to show his respect to the famous comedian and actor, Erick McCormack, who paid his tribute to Geddy’s The Globe and Mail National Bestseller book named Geddy Lee’s ‘Big Beautiful Book of Bass.’

The book has been released back in 2018 and it’s out of stock in most of the book stores right now. Geddy Lee’s ‘Big Beautiful Book of Bass’ features lots of stuff like interviews with Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and U2’s Adam Clayton as well as HD photos of Geddy’s personal collection of vintage electric bass guitars.

Let’s remember what Geddy Lee told about his own masterpiece:

“It’s not surprising that sooner or later I’d dive down the proverbial rabbit hole into the world of vintage bass guitars.”

Today, Geddy took Eric McCormack’s photo which was shared by Laura Brady, and showed his appreciation by using thankful emojis. For some reason, Geddy has chosen to delete this photo from his Instagram Stories after a couple of hours.

Here is what Eric McCormack wrote about the latest book of Geddy:

“Love that they snuck in some excellent nonfiction. I see you, Geddy Lee.”

You can check out the recent Instagram Stories photo of Geddy below.

Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram Stories