The phenomenal frontman of the Canadian rock band Rush, Geddy Lee has taken Instagram Stories to contribute to the Halloween spirit by displaying his fans who have dressed as him after he mourned the death of his friend a few days ago.

As you may recall, the great multi-instrumentalist, Geddy Lee was shattered by a great loss at the beginning of this year. His longtime friend and the drummer of Rush, Neil Peart, died of glioblastoma, after a three and a half year illness, on January 7, 2020, at age 67.

Months after that, in the past weeks, Lee has unfortunately mourned again. He has bid a farewell to the iconic guitarist Spencer Davis by penning a heartbreaking letter. Geddy Lee has reminisced about the first time he heard Davis’ repeating two-note bass riff.

However, after two grieving news this year, Lee has recently appeared on Instagram to celebrate Halloween. He has shared the pictures of his fans, who have dressed as him, on Instagram Stories and showed that he’s having a great time after all.

You can see the recent stories of Geddy Lee below and check out his Instagram account here.