Mastermind of Rush, Geddy Lee spoke in a recent interview with Talkin’ Rock, and revealed some details about his friendship with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

He also revealed that his mother and Dave Grohl’s mother were long-time friends, and they were hang out together in Toronto.

Interviewer asked:

“When you were in Toronto during your book signing, Dave Grohl was hanging out with you?”

Geddy responded:

“Yes, he was. [Laughs] He’s a fantastic guy, I love those guys, Dave’s a very cool guy, and his mom and my mom have actually become pals.

His mom, Virginia, wrote this book about rock moms and she flew up here to meet my mom and they really hit it off.

They’ve stayed in touch, so she was up here doing a talk about her book and Dave was interviewing her on stage so they were in town, we all got together, so it was pretty fun.”

Interviewer added:

“I’m sure that the 15-year-old Dave Grohl can’t believe that his mom and your mom are friends.”

Geddy Lee replied:

“It’s pretty unusual, it’s pretty surreal, I have to say to sit there and just laugh about it.”

Click here for the entire interview. You can reach the source of the statement from here. (Ultimate-Guitar)

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