The bassist of the Canadian rock group Rush, Geddy Lee revealed how interesting he finds the story of the musical genius Paul McCartney on his interview with Rolling Stone.

On the recent interview issued by Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee talked about The Beatles’ legendary name Paul McCartney and he admitted he is impressed by the story of McCartney, who has improved within the band as the phenomenon bassist over the years.

Lee explained what he thinks about Paul McCartney as the bass player in general. He said:

“[McCartney] gets overlooked as a bassist, but as a pop bassist goes, he’s such a melodic player. And you’re talking about a guy who wasn’t originally the bass player for the band… He adapted, of course, and he picked it up.

I just find his story really interesting, as a bass player. So he comes at the instrument from a much more melodic place, and you really hear that in a lot of Beatle music.”

Afterwards he specified McCartney’s obvious talent and shaping effect by exemplifing some songs of The Beatles, in which the bass parts became prominent. Lee continued to say:

“And if you listen to ‘Taxman,’ or if you listen to ‘Come Together,’ and a range of music in between, that bass part is always so round. It’s always so bouncy and melodic, and I think that’s really no small part of the infectious nature of Beatles songs. It really added a great element to those songs.

I think he was sort of subconsciously working his way into my psyche as a bass player. Although the style of music that I played wasn’t The Beatles style of music, I did have great respect for them.”

Lastly, Geddy Lee mentioned how he and his band were inspired by the legend band The Beatles and the utmost respect he feels for McCartney for what he accomplished. Here is what Geddy said:

“We used to play a version of a song called ‘Bad Boy’ that was fashioned sort of after a song that the Beatles did. The Beatles did a cover of that as well. So we all listened to the Beatles…

I was always respectful of what Paul McCartney brought to the Beatles, not only as a singer – but as a bass player.”

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