Legendary Rush frontman Geddy Lee spoke in an interview with Q104.3 New York, and revealed a tragic story of how his family escaped from Nazi camp in Auschwitz.

Here’s the story:

“Well, my mom and dad were in Auschwitz for a couple of years, and how they survived in there, I don’t know. My dad was transferred out of Auschwitz before my mother was; my mother and her sister and her mother survived together in Auschwitz.

My grandmother used to tell this story – they would line them up every day and they would go left, right, left, right. If you went to one direction, you went to the gas chambers; if you went to the other direction, you went to work.

So, my grandmother would rearrange them in the lineup so they all went to the same direction. She believed that if they were all going to perish, they would perish together, and if they were going to survive, they would survive together.

My grandmother was an amazing person, she kept them alive throughout their time in the camps, and when the war was starting to look bad for the Germans, panic ensued, and they were starting to ship surviving prisoners into Germany and out of Poland. That’s when the three of them were shipped to Bergen Belsen, where they were eventually liberated.”

He continued:

“My earliest memories were my mother talking about the war and talking about Hitler and about what had happened to her family.

My dad was not a big talker about that period and he passed away when I was about 12 years old, but I remember my mother constantly reinforcing the idea that we had to keep the family together because these terrible things can happen. She felt, as many survivors did, that it was their desire to repopulate and rebuild the clan that had been destroyed by the war.”

Listen to entire interview below. Click here to source of the statements (Ultimate-Guitar).