The official and verified Instagram page of the iconic Canadian rock band Nickelback has posted a recent video of Ryan Peake and shared his appreciation message to all of his fans who celebrated his birthday.

Ryan Peake has born on March 1, 1973, and he’s the back vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Nickelback for over 25 years. He’s well known as the vocalist of the Nickelback classics like ‘Gotta Be Somebody,’ ‘Savin’ Me’ and ‘Falls Back On’ as well as founding and funding the band by taking credits from a local bank by himself.

Yesterday, Nickelback has posted the funny memoir of Ryan to celebrate his birthday. After sending the photo, over 12K people have pushed the like button and thousands of them posted comments to show their respect and love for Ryan.

Today, Nickelback sent yet another post on their official page and this time, Ryan was the one who sent the message.

Ryan Peake said this in the video:

“Hey! I’ve just wanted to say thank you very much to everybody who sent the birthday wishes yesterday! Not expected, but much appreciated.

So, thank you very much. We do have a few things going on this year so keep your eyes and ears open. And until then, be safe and take care of yourself!”

Here is what the official Instagram page wrote in the caption:

“Thank you for the birthday wishes! Not expected, but much appreciated. – RP”

After sharing the video, Ryan’s long-time buddy and also the bassist of Nickelback, Mike Kroeger, has posted a recent comment to celebrate Ryane’s birthday.

Here is what he wrote:

“Also, happy birthday Ryan. Dance like I’m not making fun of you.”

You can watch the video by clicking here.