Falun-based Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton released a new video on its official YouTube account this week to pay respects to legendary band Manowar by covering ‘Kingdom Come’ which was originally released in 1988.

As you might know, ‘Kingdom Come’ was the sixth track of the sixth studio album of Manowar which was released via Atlantic Records. While it’s ranked as the thirteenth best power metal album of all time by Loudwire, it got mixed reviews from music critics but received gold certification, selling more than 50K units in Spain.

This week, Sabaton released the cover version of ‘Kingdom Come,’ which was recorded for a video game bearing the same name, as well as to pay tribute to Manowar. The band also posted the statement of the long-time bassist Pär Sundström which said that they could not resist their fans’ requests and decided to pay attention to their wishes.

Here is the message of bassist Sundström sharing the song:

“Our fans have spoken. You requested the release of this song everywhere, so this is for all of you! This recording was meant to be a tribute to Manowar and a collaboration with a video game bearing the same name when we recorded it a few years ago.

We are happy to see that you appreciate the song so much, and we have paid attention to your wishes and requests. You asked for it, you got it!”

You may listen to the song right below.