The Sunday Express posted a recent article about Freddie Mercury and revealed the iconic PA of Queen icons, Peter Freestone’s recent statements about how Freddie reacted to his AIDS diagnosis.

According to Peter, Freddie was cold-blooded and never regretted anything when he got the news.

Here is what Peter said to Express:

“He said, ‘Never regret anything. You’re wasting time when you can’t change it. Get on with what you want to do. He thought he was sick in 1986 and it was confirmed in 1987.

He didn’t get depressed. He wasn’t afraid. It was a fact he was going to die. In those days there was absolutely nothing that could change that. So he got on with his music. He did so much in those last four years.”

He continued:

“After he got Montserrat Caballe to sing with him, what more could he want? That was the nearest I’ve seen him to tears, after her first take on the first track.

He was so happy. He said to me, ‘The greatest voice in the world is singing my music.’”

You can read the whole interview by clicking here.