Queen’s iconic and legendary late frontman, Freddie Mercury’s long-time personal agent, Peter Freestone made an interview with Sunday Express and revealed the details of the relationship between Freddie and John Deacon.

Here are Peter’s statements:

“Freddie took John under his wing because he was the new boy. He was shy, not like Brian and Roger. He wanted to protect him.

And then John found a wife and built a life with Veronica and Freddie didn’t need to look after him so much anymore.

Even so, when you look on later albums, there are a few Deacon/Mercury tracks, because John was the only one who acknowledged how much Freddie helped him.

Freddie would provoke fights with whoever was there because that gave him the impetus to work, it got his juices flowing. Like Brian always said, they were four people in a marriage because you have to be that close to be able to fight and make up. Most of the time it was about the music. Very rarely was the fighting and screaming personal.”

Peter Freestone also shared how Deacon reacted the first time he learned Freddie’s death.

“The death of Freddie in 1991 devastated John and he immediately quit the band and has been in reclusive retirement ever since, not wanting to come back with Brian May and Roger Taylor as Queen rose again from the ashes.”

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