Greta Van Fleet co-founders Sam Kiszka and Josh Kiszka were the latest interview guest of Q1043 New York’s Jonathan Clarke, and they have talked about recording with Greg Kurstin, Grammy Awards as well as their latest album named ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate.’

As you might remember, Michigan-based American rock band Greta Van Fleet released their second-ever studio album ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate‘ back in April and the recording features twelve never-released-before tracks. The album was released by Lava/Republic Records and the producer of the album is seven-time Grammy Awarded record producer Gregory Allen Kurstin.

In their interview with the YouTube channel of Q1043 New York, the Kiszka brothers were asked whether they encountered celebrities in the studio while Greg Kurstin is working with many legendary stars in the music and Hollywood scene. According to Sam, they met Elon Musk in Greg’s place and they smoke weed with him while he was working on electronic music in the studio.

Here is what Josh Kiszka said:

“Keith Urban was also recording, and Greg had worked with him so I got talking with him as well, and he’s such a sweet guy, really. He was also praising the fact that we used guitars, he was really digging that, so that was fun. What’s the name of that gentleman who is in ‘Breaking Bad,’ the younger guy of the two?”

Sam Kiszka chimed in:

“Aaron Paul!”

Josh continued:

“Yeah, I’m very infamous for being shit with remembering names. Who’s the guy who’s playing for the Grateful Dead? John Mayer was there as well. So lots of stuff going on. But I have a really funny story about pulling into the studio one day…”

You may watch the whole interview right below.

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