Sammy Hagar spoke to Geoff Edgers from Washington Post on an Instagram live chat and discussed the rumors claiming Jimmy Page has offered him to join Led Zeppelin as the lead singer.

Led Zeppelin was disbanded following the death of John Bonham, the band’s drummer. After the disbandment, the remaining band members continued to make music though, reuniting occasionally to perform in venues.

Back in the 2000s, there were rumors about a possible Led Zeppelin reunion, but Robert Plant stated that he would not work with the band again. After that, Jones and Page looked for a replacement for Plant, candidates including Steven Tyler and Myles Kennedy. However, they later abandoned the project.

Talking with Geoff Edgers during a live chat on Instagram, Sammy Hagar commented upon the rumors about the possibility of being a part of Led Zeppelin. The musician said that he and Jimmy Page never had a conversation about that. Hagar also told Edgers that people thought he could do it as he replaced David Lee Roth in Van Halen before.

After being asked about the rumors, Sammy Hagar told Geoff Edgers that:

“No, at one point people were talking to me. Not Jimmy Page, Jimmy and I never had this conversation, but management people were talking to me about replacing Steven Tyler one time when he went off the deep end.

And people started talking, ‘Hey, man, you replaced one guy, you want to do it again?‘ I’m going, ‘No…’

Most musicians would love to have the opportunity to play with Led Zeppelin. Apparently, Sammy Hagar was one of them. In a previous statement, Hagar claimed that it would be nice to jam with Jimmy Page. He even revealed that he knows every one of Led Zeppelin’s songs, so he would not need any teleprompter. However, it appears he did not have the chance to do so.