One of the most talented drummers of the 21st century and also the legendary Led Zeppelin star John Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham, has posted a golden-worth TBT photo and recalled the good-old-days with his bandmates.

While Jason tagging and spreading great words about his bandmates from The Circle, Mike Anthony, Sammy Hagar, and Victor L Johnson, he also exposed the untold story of the naming process of the band.

According to Jason, the first one who suggested a name was himself, and he suggested, ‘The Shorts Boys.’ Later on, Sam and Mike came up with ‘The Beach Boys,’ however, Jason mocked their idea by saying that Sam & Mike was looking like bitch boys.

Here is the story:

“The Circle… I just said to Sam and Mike what’s with ‘The Shorts Boys’ and Sam said what’s wrong with ‘The Beach Boys…’

I said nothing but you guys look like ‘The Bitch Boys…’ LOL😂. 

I miss those guys. We laugh so much when we are together.
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You can check out that rare photo of the trio right below.