Sammy Hagar posted a video on his Instagram in which he revealed that he will be performing a rooftop concert just like The Beatles did in the past.

Sammy Hagar is a singer-songwriter and musician who is mostly known for his career in the iconic rock band Van Halen. He joined VH in 1985 as a replacement for David Lee Roth but left in 1996. The Red Rocker then played with the band again between 2003 and 2005. Currently, he continues his musical career as the lead singer of Chickenfoot and Sammy Hagar And The Circle.

Apart from his successful musical career, Sammy Hagar is also an entrepreneur who founded the Cabo Wabo tequila brand and restaurant chain and Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. Recently, the musician has been planning the launch of Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. As it appears, he will celebrate the launch with a rooftop performance just like The Beatles’ rooftop concert in 1969.

In his recent Instagram post, Sammy Hagar announced the news with a video. He stated that his rooftop performance will take place on September 22 at the Paris Hotel, and it will be a free concert. Upon seeing that, one of his fans recalled The Beatles’ rooftop concert and said this will be a 2021 version of it. The fan then asked Hagar if he was going to wear a fur coat like Lennon. Hagar then responded by saying it’s going to be 95 degrees. Thus, will go with his face fur only.

Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post read:

“This Wednesday, September 22nd, get ready to party! We’re celebrating the launch of Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co. with a rooftop performance at the Paris hotel, right on the Las Vegas strip. It’s a free concert at 6:30 PM, watch and listen right from the street, your hotel, or the Cabo Wabo. This is the beginning of Libra fest 2021, let’s go!”

One of his fans then commented:

“F@$$k yes. 2021 version of the Beatles rooftop – you going to wear a fur coat mate as Lennon wore? Maybe Flair’s robe would look even cooler.”

Sammy Hagar laughed at this comment and responded:

“I told my manager I was going to wear a fur coat like John. He said it’s going to be 95°. I’ll go with the face fur.”

As you may know, The Beatles also performed an unannounced concert at the rooftop of their Apple Corps headquarters on January 30, 1969. The band played a 42-minutes-long set before the Metropolitan Police came and asked them to turn down the volume. It appears Sammy Hagar will be performing his 2021 version of the event, and hopefully, the police won’t get involved.