Sammy Hagar posted a tweet to announce his Raiders Halftime Show with a short sketch of him and Vic Johnson talking about their upcoming performance there.

Sammy Hagar is currently focused on his business ventures and his musical projects with The Circle. Recently, the Red Rocker announced he will perform during halftime on November 22, when the Raiders host Cincinnati at Allegiant Stadium.

During the performance at Allegiant Stadium, the award-winning musician will share the stage with his The Circle bandmate Vic Johnson. Moreover, this will be the first performance backed by the Raiders House Band.

Back on October 10, Sammy Hagar revealed that he has a good sense of humor with the way he announced his party in Catalina in one of his tweets. In the video he posted in that tweet, Hagar pretended he got arrested by police as he was guilty of throwing a huge party in Catalina.

It seems like The Red Rocker liked the idea of announcing his upcoming shows this way. In a recent tweet, Sammy Hagar gave the details of his Raiders halftime show with a video featuring him and Vic Johnson. In the video, Hagar and Johnson pretended to be talking on the phone about the show and revealed their excitement.

Sammy Hagar’s tweet read:

“Vic went down as my special teams squad to check things out, and happy to say we are ready to rock for tomorrow’s Raiders halftime show at Allegiant Stadium! The game starts at 1:05 pm, don’t be late!”

You can check out the tweet and the video below.