Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar recently posted a photo of himself and Guy Fiery on his Instagram account and celebrated his friend’s birthday while saying that they have been partners in crime for the past 20 years and that they have been getting better and better at it.

As you probably know, Sammy Hagar is known for his successful music career as the vocalist of Van Halen, and the founder of The Circle. However, he’s also known for his career as an entrepreneur who founded the Cabo Wabo, which is a nightclub and restaurant located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Sammy Hagar also has a rum brand named ‘Sammys Beach Bar Rum‘ which he founded in collaboration with the world-famous musician Rick Springfield. As if all these were not enough, he also founded a tequila brand named ‘Santo Spirit‘ with the Emmy-award winning chef and restauranteur Guy Fiery.

In his recent Instagram post, Sammy Hagar celebrated the birthday of his ‘brother from another mother’ Guy Fiery, and said that they have been really close for the past 20 years while adding that they have been starting to get really good at the parties that they are throwing.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother Guy Fieri! We’ve been throwing this party for over 20 years I think we’re starting to get good at it! #PartnersInCrime #GuiltyAsCharged #HappyBirthday”

Click here to check out the photo that Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account.