The daughter of The Circle frontman and ex-Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar, Kama Hagar has posted an emotional open letter about her father after his birthday, however, this time Sammy preferred to stay silent by not making a comment.

Most recently, the certified holistic wellness coach, Kama Hagar, has shared a funny picture of Sammy Hagar in the middle of a sea with her clothes on and she expressed her love for him while celebrating his 73rd birthday.

She said she loves the great sense of humor of Sammy Hagar while recalling a quote from him about the movie, ‘Transformers,’ from a few years ago. Kama admitted she admires the way he lives his life, coming back bigger and better and crazier than ever before.

As you may know, the great singer Sammy Hagar has been displaying his pride, being the father of his beautiful and talented daughter, Kama Hagar, by reacting to nearly all of her posts on social media.

Yet, this time he surprised his fans by not commenting on the latest post of Kama, in which she celebrated Sammy’s birthday with the most sincere words. It has been wondered if Sammy is still in the shock of the death of his former bandmate, Eddie Van Halen.

As you may remember, Hagar has bid farewell to the legend with a tear-inducing video and making a tribute at his own birthday bash. Sammy Hagar couldn’t hold his tears in the video and said that he’s kind of devastated, felt like getting hit by a freaking Mack truck.

Here’s what Kama Hagar said in her recent Instagram post:

“‘I walked into the movie Transformers three times & thought it was the end every time.’

This is a random quote my dad said a few years ago and for some reason, I thought it was so hilarious.

To be honest, I think that’s how this guy lives his life. The big show, the grand slam, the next old-ass birthday, and he still comes back bigger and better and crazier than ever before.

It’s like this giant finale that never ends. I hope it never ever ever ever ever ends. I love you so much. More than you could ever know Sammy Hagar.

Also note: he’s wearing his dumb shoes underwater hahaha.”

You can see the post below.