Press-Telegram recently interviewed former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar and during their conversation, the Red Rocker claimed that he had a great influence on his audience during his stage performances, similar to The Beatles years ago.

As you may know, Hagar started his professional music career when he joined Montrose, but he gained great fame and commercial success thanks to Van Halen. After the band’s lead singer decided to leave, Eddie Van Halen invited Hagar to be the band’s new frontman after watching his performance in Montrose.

Even though Van Halen produced their best-selling records during the Van Hagar era, he had to leave the band in 1996 due to his personal problems with Eddie Van Halen. However, both Hagar’s solo career and his work with his bands, Chickenfoot, The Waboritas, and The Circle, have attracted great attention.

According to his latest interview, Sammy Hagar feels like he is a Beatles member when he is on the stage. The Red Rocker stated that he has a deep connection with his audience, which reminds him of The Beatles’ effect on their fans.

In Hagar’s words, he said:

I feel like I’m in the Beatles, man. Every time I step on stage, people are so into it, and I can’t believe it. It’s so inspiring, and it almost feels like when we first started doing this… That feeling where you realized people were into it, and you started to get fans and started to get famous.

The people have been singing at these shows, like every fricking word, all night long. I almost feel like I’m just cheerleading. I could get one of those batons like an orchestra leader and just let the audience do their thing.”

Consequently, it appears that Sammy Hagar regards himself as a musician who is as impactful as the legendary rock band The Beatles. Also, he said he enjoys letting the audience take over during the concert by directing them like an orchestra leader.