The Red Rocker A.K.A Sammy Hagar recently talked about the drummers he played with and evaluated their talents and energy on Anchor FM. In the interview, the singer compared the drumming talents of Jason Bonham, his father John Bonham, and Chad Smith.

Sammy Hagar started to work with Jason in 2014 by forming the supergroup Sammy Hagar and the Circle. The band is still active today and is gradually gaining success. They released their debut album in May 2019 and recorded a series of songs during the pandemic for their ‘Lockdown 2020’ album.

In the interview by Lipps Service with Scott Lipps, The Red Rocker talked about Jason’s talents and claimed that he is as good as his father John Bonham. As you know, John was Led Zeppelin’s drummer who passed away in 1980 due to heavy alcohol consumption. Following his death, Led Zeppelin disbanded out of respect for the drummer.

Here is how Hagar proudly stated in the podcast that Jason is as good as his father:

“I think Jason honestly is as good as his dad. Jason is fucking as good as his dad, and his dad would tell you that if he was in the room. He has got it down. He has got his dad’s things perfect.”

Back in 2008, Hagar founded a supergroup named Chickenfoot along with Chad Smith. They released their album ‘Chickenfoot’ in 2009 and the album was a success after the release. During the podcast, the singer also named Chad Smith as the person that he had the most fun playing with.

Hagar described his feelings about Chad Smith stating:

“But the most fun drummer in the world to play with is Chad Smith. He’s the loosest, he is funky, and he’s in the pocket, he’s got chops, and he’s fearless. I mean, he’ll try to put a roll in there that is never gonna happen, but he will land on his feet.

He reminds me of rolling something down a staircase, and then it hits the bottom, ‘There’s the one!’ and he’s back in the pocket. He’s so much fun to play with, and he’s fun to hang with.”

As it seems, the Red Rocker’s thoughts about the two worldwide-known drummers are highly positive. Moreover, Hagar’s considering Jason to be as good a drummer as his father must be a great honor for John’s son. On the other hand, his thoughts about Chad are quite understandable as the drummer’s playful and energetic personality can be felt in RHCP’s shows and music videos.