Former Van Halen frontman and The Circle vocalist Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, released a new article on her official website to help the people who are suffering from panic attacks.

In the writing, Kama mentioned the mental health problems that people are especially facing during the self-quarantine days and stated that 2020, which she called it the year of unknowns, could trigger these problems easily.

Furthermore, Kama showed how you can try to overcome panic attacks by saying that taking cold water with small sips, moving out your body, embracing the feelings, and breathing are the key factors of getting through the panic attacks.

Also, Kama gave some details about how to prevent future panic attacks and stated that practicing meditation daily, creating boundaries with other people, and choosing a supportive diet will stop or lowers the amounts the future panic attacks for sure.

Here is the part of what Kama Hagar said:

“2020 has proven to be the year of unknowns. As one of the mind’s greatest nemeses is the unknown, it’s no wonder more and more people have been seeking help on the topics of anxiety, panic, and stress.

But what’s the difference between these attacks? What happens and how do we cope when stress and anxiety become sheer panic?

Sometimes a panic attack is caused by a perceived threat as large as a charging, violent animal to something as intangible as a fear in the mind. More often, the cause of panic attacks is not obvious at all.

When the body goes into real panic, fight or flight mode kicks in and releases adrenaline to help you accomplish whichever protection method you choose to take. Regardless of the reality of the origin or trigger, panic attacks can feel quite terrifying.”

She continued:

“If you feel like you’re having a panic attack, try this. Take small sips of cold water, move your body to confuse your brain and release adrenaline, feel your feelings, and breathe.

How to prevent future panic attacks; practice meditation daily, create boundaries with people, choose a supportive diet.”

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