Former Van Halen and current The Circle frontman, Sammy Hagar, had a conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock this week and shared the story of why decided to refuse to join Aerosmith.

You may know that Aerosmith’s current lead singer Steven Tyler has always had ups and downs in his 50 years long career. Back in 2009, while touring with the band on ‘Guitar Hero Aerosmith Tour,’ the singer fell off a stage and was brought to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

Since Steven was having a bad relationship with his bandmates those days, after not being able to contact Tyler and hearing the news that he’s about to form a new band named ‘Tyler Band‘,’ Joe decided to hire a new guy to replace Steven. According to reports, the candidates were Lenny Kravitz, Chris Cornell, Paul Rodgers, and of course, Sammy Hagar.

In his latest conversation with UCR, Sammy confirmed the rumors and admitted that he had received an offer from Joe to join Aerosmith about a decade ago. Sammy stated that while he was almost going to say ‘Yes’ to Perry, he decided not to be ‘The Replacement Guy’ once again since he had already taken David Lee Roth’s place in Van Halen back in 1985.

Here is how Sammy recalled these days:

“The Aerosmith hint… Came around that time when Joe Perry tried to get me to join that band, and the management asked me to go to South America and try it out. I almost did it.

I think if I would have done both those things, I would have been the guy that replaced the guy. You know, always the guy replacing the guy, and that’s a strange legacy for a guy like me, you know what I mean? The problem is, I would have taken the toxicity out of the whole thing!

It probably would have bombed, because I’m not a toxic kind of guy. When the arguments start, I’m outta here. I can’t be in a bad situation like that. But that was really tempting there for five minutes. I got down to Cabo, and I really relaxed and thought about it.

I was listening to all of the tunes and all of this stuff. I was thinkin’, ‘Livin’ on the Edge,’ ‘I’ll fuckin’ kill that song!’ and then I woke up on the beach and said, ‘You know what? I can’t do this.’ So that was it.”

You can listen to the ‘Livin’ On The Edge‘ which Sammy would have ‘killed’ below.