The former lead singer of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar replied to a fan’s comment revealing his true opinion about David Lee Roth after sharing the illustrations from Roth’s hand-drawn comic series dedicated to Sammy on his official Instagram page.

As you may remember, David Lee Roth shared a recent illustration with which seemed like he was targeting Sammy Hagar on his official Twitter page. In addition to the headline saying ‘The Daily Chatastohe,’ Roth used Sammy’s name and his nickname ‘The Red Rocker’ within his latest artwork.

There has been a huge rivalry between the two Van Halen frontmen due to the fact that fans mostly take sides according to the success of the band during each musician’s time. While both of them contributed to Van Halen in their own ways, most fans assume it was Sammy Hagar who lifted Van Halen after he replaced David Lee Roth.

During the interviews he joined, Sammy Hagar stated that he has no hard feelings for Roth multiple times. Although he expressed the fact that Van Halen couldn’t have made it without Roth, Hagar also stated that Van Halen was more successful with him.

Recently, Sammy Hagar shared Roth’s illustration about him on his official Instagram page and stated that it’s fun. Furthermore, Hagar thanked Roth for making him the subject for his art.

Due to this ongoing feud, many fans considered this as another sign of their rivalry and shared many comments under Hagar’s post. Yet, Hagar proved everyone wrong and made it perfectly clear that he has no problem with David Lee Roth after a fan stated that Roth’s intention was not to slam Hagar.

Here is what the Van Halen fan said in the comment section of Sammy’s post:

“I honestly hope you’re taking it well because I think it was not intended as a slam. Everybody wants to spend it that way but I thought it was pretty cool and I figured you guys had finally buried the hatchet in someway.

I’m also trying to think that Dave is above attacking a great guy like you all these years later. I really think it was just something cool on his part meant in a nice way. But highlights to be more positive I guess.”

Here’s how Sammy Hagar responded:

“That’s exactly why I posted it I think it’s cool and it’s actually good he was just off on newly acquired haha I got no problem with Dave

You can see the Instagram post below.