Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar shared a comment under his post about another former Van Halen lead singer, David Lee Roth‘s illustration related to him and revealed that he wants to buy it.

As many of you may recall, David Lee Roth shared an illustration on his official Twitter page which seemed like he was targeting Sammy Hagar since Roth used Hagar’s famous nickname ‘The Red Rocker.’

Fans were expecting a huge drama caused by David Lee Roth’s hand-drawn comic considering the notorious rivalry between two former Van Halen frontmen for decades. However, Sammy Hagar surprised his fans by sharing Roth’s drawing on his official Instagram page and thanking him for the artwork proving that Sammy has no hard feelings for Roth.

A fan shared a comment under Hagar’s post and stated that if David Lee Roth is as cool as he expected him to be, he should send his artwork to Hagar as a gift and praised Roth’s drawings stating that they are the perfect reflection of himself.

Here is what the Van Halen fan stated in the comment section:

“If Dave is as cool as I would like to think he is he would wrap it up and send it to you as a gift. Who knows maybe he will. I would love to have one of his pieces of artwork. I actually think they’re kind of interesting because they’re totally Dave”

Sammy Hagar also commented and revealed that he actually sent a message to David Lee Roth via Instagram and offered to buy the artwork. However, it seems like Roth hasn’t answered Hagar’s proposal yet.

Here is what Hagar stated in his response to the fan’s suggestion:

“That would be fantastic if he did that high sent him a message on his Instagram that I want to buy it and I do and I will maybe he will donate the money to charity let’s do something right here”

You can see the Instagram post here. Check the screenshot of the conversation below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram