Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar posted a really golden-worth photo on his official Instagram page and made a funny joke about the social distancing.

Hagar shared the 477th cover issue of Rolling Stones which was released on July 3rd, 1986. As you might check out the cover issue below, the magazine chose a really bold headline: “Van Halen: Hot & Happy Without David Lee Roth.”

Here is what Sammy wrote about the photo he shared:

“NOT the best example of social distancing… #Throwback to the 5150 Tour when @rollingstone’s policy of only one person on the cover got overruled for us. #TBT”

As one of the users who liked the post was Sammy’s daughter Kama Hagar, a user named raidered62 made the most-liked comment:

“Still the best version of VH… Hoping the Circle gets back out soon… You rock, Sammy!

Since most of us are stuck indoors, no better time to pull out “Live without a net” and rock out a little… Damn, I wish these guys would do just one more tour together… The best damn rock band ever!

You can check out the photo below.