Sammy Hagar, who is the former singer of Van Halen and current frontman of The Circle, made a new announcement about Birthday Bash via his official Twitter account.

Birthday Bash is an annual event that Sammy has been organizing for years to celebrate his birthday with beloved followers in his legendary nightclub Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico.

Unfortunately, the event had been unclear if it would be happening or not because of the coronavirus pandemic, and Sammy said in the announcement that he didn’t want his followers to keep on hold while nothing was certain.

Therefore, he didn’t want anybody to buy any tickets from the airlines or hotels that can not be refundable, and because of that, Sammy called off the annual Birthday Bash for 2021.

Here is what Sammy said in the video:

“Hey, RedHeads! I got some important news about Cabo And The Birthday Bash. It’s not gonna happen again this year. We were at the yellow, they moved to spec to orange which means %30 percent capacity. They are talking about going back to red. The lections not gonna be in place until September when Simmons said, ‘Oh! Maybe we can make an announcement then.‘ I would hate to wait that long.

That’s actually a relief that we are not going to do it but we are going to do it. So, I will make the announcement as soon as possible. It’s going to be a bless, it will be %100 capacity and we are going to do it right around the birthday. I gotta see what the venues are, await the availability of the venues are… I promise you. It’s gonna be a bless and we’re going to have a party. I will let you know as soon as possible so you can make your plans. Hey, stay tuned!”

Sammy Hagar added this:

“Redhead alert! Bad news: Birthday Bash in Cabo is a no-go.

Good news: I am finalizing plans to move the party for this year. I’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can all start making your plans… Stay tuned for details!”

You can check out the post below.