Famous Rock music veteran, former Van Halen and current frontman of The Circle and Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar had a new interview with OC Weekly and made a really controversial statements about Van Halen.

As you will read his words below, Sammy Hagar claimed that The Circle plays Van Halen songs as good as his former bandmates.

Here are his statements:

“The Circle is my favorite band ever — a band that can play everything I’ve ever done in my life, and play it so well that I’m happy. It’s not, like, ‘Well, we’ve got to play a few of those songs, but it’s not going to be as good as the original.’

With The Circle, we play ‘Rock Candy’ better than Montrose. We play the Van Halen songs as good as Van Halen ever played them, and I mean that. It’s just such a magical band.

The chemistry… Jason [Bonham, drums] just sent me a live YouTube thing from Wolf Trap [a venue in Vienna, Virginia], and some guy in the audience was just holding the camera up the whole damn show almost, and I’m watching and going, ‘Look how good we were.’

I know we’re just up there doing it, but man, when you hear it and see it back, you go, ‘This band…’ We love each other, and we love playing together, and that’s the difference when you’re playing the song — not just playing the parts, but playing with the other people.

That’s the difference in this band — we’re playing with each other. It’s very loose, but the level of musicianship is so high in this band that we can take it out a little bit and not step on it. It’s really, really cool. I love this band.”

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