In a conversation with Scott Lipps, Sammy Hagar revealed his thoughts on Jason Bonham and The Circle guitarist Vic Johnson. He stated that Vic Johnson is the most underrated guitarist in the world.

Sammy Hagar formed a supergroup in 2014 called Sammy Hagar and The Circle with former Van Halen bassist Michael Antony, Vic Johnson, and Led Zeppelin drummer Jason Bonham. Their shows were a huge success because their setlist included Hagar’s solo hits and songs with his former bands Van Halen, Montrose, and Chickenfoot. They also played Led Zeppelin songs in their shows because of Bonham’s presence in the band.

Hagar stated that working with The Circle has been a lot of fun because they are excellent musicians and mentioned how Eddie Van Halen thought that Van Halen’s former bassist Michael Anthony was the fastest learner ever. He continued to talk about Jason Bonham’s talents and then stated that Vic Johnson is the most underrated guitar player in the world.

Here are the words Hagar uttered about The Circle bandmates:

“This band is so good, the Circle. When Michael Anthony was playing with Eddie, Eddie would go, ‘Michael is learning faster than anyone I have ever met.’

Jason Bonham is born in the pocket. He doesn’t know how to speed up or slow down. He’s just like, ‘Bam, where’s the one? Right here.’ He’s a solid rocker. Vic Johnson, he’s the most underrated guitar player in the world.

Hagar is currently satisfied with the Circle and the talents of his bandmates. He seems glad to have Vic Johnson in the band. On a side note, it is known that Johnson was mainly influenced by Jimi Hendrix, who is considered the greatest instrumentalist in rock and roll.