A Twitter account named Rock History in Pictures started an unofficial poll asking Van Halen fans to decide which lead singer of the band was the better one, Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth, and the answers were quite surprising.

The comparison between Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth regarding their performances as the frontman of Van Halen has been one of the most popular topics of the rock music industry. However, there hasn’t been found a definite answer to the question yet.

Recently, the Twitter account named Rock History in Pictures posted the photo of Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth and initiated an unofficial poll wondering Van Halen fans’ opinions about which one was the best lead singer.

In the comment section of the tweet, Van Halen fans started a long discussion presenting the good and bad sides of each singer. Although they still haven’t decided on one name, the fans’ answers were pretty interesting.

A Twitter user named Todd Theesfeld claimed that while Sammy Hagar was a great singer, David Lee Roth was a great frontman for Van Halen by stating:

Singer. Sammy. He’s a great singer. Frontman? DLR. Since we’re on the subject… If DLR stayed with the band, would they have survived Grunge the way they did with Sammy? Sammy’s lyrics and softer side kept them relevant.

A Van Halen fan named Eric agreed to the idea of Sammy being a great singer while David Lee Roth did a better job as a frontman and added:

Tough choice as they both bring something unique to the table. When I think of Van Halen, I think of Roth, but Sammy might be a better singer while Roth is the better performer. Still, those first six albums I could listen to the rest of my life.

Another fan named Bryce Valentine claimed it was actually an easy choice and commented:

“Easy. Dave is a very limited singer and a horrific lyricist but like Jagger, rises above and was the definitive better showman/frontman. Sammy could write great lyrics and could sing circles around Dave, but Dave defined the Band spirit better.

Furthermore, a fan named Mark Weissman reacted to the comments sort of underestimating the vocal talent of David Lee Roth and stated:

All the singing comments make me think many underestimate DLRs vocal ability. Not saying Sammy Hagar doesn’t technically have a better voice. But Dave was no slouch, ‘Big Bad Bill’ but one example + all the harmonies. Just because he screeched & wow’d” a lot doesn’t mean he wasn’t vocally sharp.

You can see the photo of Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth posted on Twitter below.