The great musician and entrepreneur Sammy Hagar shared his feelings and thoughts about the legend, Charlie Daniels, after his grieving death news, that came earlier this week, with an Instagram post.

Charlie Daniels’ death from the hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 83 caused the pain for the whole music industry this week. Daniels, who had huge contributions to Southern rock, country, and the bluegrass music, and became a mentor for lots of musicians, was remembered by Sammy Hagar.

Hagar penned an open letter on his recent Instagram post and described the dense emotions he felt to have spent time together with Daniels. He stated that it was an honor to play music with such a master.

Here is what Hagar said on his post:

“I had the honor of spending a day talking, singing, and playing music together at his home outside Nashville a couple of years back for a Rock & Roll Road Trip.

Charlie Daniels was the real deal – a great musician, singer-songwriter, and outlaw. He only played the kind of music he wanted to play, went country before country was cool.

Legend, innovator, and a good person. RIP.”

You can see Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post below.