The founding member and the bass guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea has shed light on how he found his voice as a writer, penning a soulful letter on Instagram, and was commented by The Circle frontman, Sammy Hagar, who praised his authorship.

Australian-American musician and talented actor, Flea, has recently opened up about his latest project, ‘Acid For the Children,’ on Instagram. The memoir, written by Flea, was released on November 5, 2019, however, he started writing back in 2014. The book was expected to chronicle Flea’s unconventional childhood including his move from normal life in the New York suburbs to a bohemian lifestyle in Los Angeles.

It was also to focus on the musician’s adventures in the L.A. streets, his complex friendship and collaboration with Chili Peppers co-founder Anthony Kiedis, and the overall tumultuous creative journey of the band, which formed in 1983.

However, in 2018, Flea confirmed that the book would not detail his years with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and would instead focus on his life before the band. A year after its publication, the bassist posted a long letter on Instagram, explaining the creation process of the book to celebrate its nomination for the 2021 Grammy Awards with its audiobook.

On his latest Instagram post, Flea said that when he wrote his book, he mustered every drop of diligence he could, found his voice as a writer and told the story he wanted to tell. It was a terrifying, occasionally blissful, solitary learning experience, he added.

Flea continued and explained that giving the book voice got him in touch with his deepest self, something about speaking it shook him to his core. The multi-talent artist finished his words by thanking all the people who helped him to publish this special work. Deeply affected by his confessions, the majority of Flea’s fans have appeared on the comment section, expressing their respect and love for him.

Among all those messages, the congratulatory address of the legendary vocalist, Sammy Hagar, drew quite an attention. Hagar admitted that he couldn’t put ‘Acid For the Children’ down as it was so pure, honest, and revealing. He called the bassist an amazing writer and appreciated his latest achievement. Flea thanked Sammy while calling him ‘Uncle Sam.’

Here’s what Flea said in his recent Instagram post:

“When I wrote my book, Acid For the Children, I mustered every drop of diligence I could, found my voice as a writer, and told the story I wanted to tell. It was a sometimes terrifying, occasionally blissful, solitary learning experience.

I loved sitting still and getting lost in a new form of expression. But after it was all done, when I spoke it, it was a cathartic and emotionally wrenching time for me. Giving it voice got me in touch with my deepest self, something about speaking it shook me to my core.”

He continued:

“I was so damn lucky to have Tony Shanahan as my producer, who steadied me and organized the project with love and care. He is pictured here with Patti Smith who introduced me to Tony and wrote and spoke the poem/introduction to the book, humbling me as always.

To have our audiobook nominated for a Grammy helps me feel connected to the world, thank you so much for the encouragement Recording Academy and for caring about our project.

And also to my wife Melody Ehsani and my dear friend, the inimitable John Lurie who also speak parts. Always gratitude to my mentor and editor David Ritz, and all at Grand Central Pub. ❤️❤️❤️”

Sammy Hagar commented on Flea’s nomination for the Grammy Awards and stated:

“What a wonderful validation Mr. Flea!! You know I read that book I loved it. So pure, honest, and revealing couldn’t put it down. I guess I got a listen to it in your voice that might be some scary shit ha. Might have to sleep with the light on!! You’re an amazing writer my friend. Graduations.”

Flea responded as:

“Thanks, Uncle Sam!!!”

You can see the post below.