The former frontman of Van Halen and the current vocalist of The Circle, Sammy Hagar has taken Instagram to announce the rebroadcast of his ‘Birthday Bash Concert’ for the redheads who missed it and got into a conversation about the legendary professional boxer, Mike Tyson, as a fan claimed Sammy can beat him with such fitness.

As you may recall, the iconic vocalist and a great entrepreneur, Sammy Hagar, celebrated his 73rd birthday with a quite special event by which he can reach out to his fans virtually. Hagar teamed up with for ‘Sammy’s Birthday Bash Concert‘ on Catalina Island o October 17, 2020.

The show featured The Circle, as well as special guests including Kevin Cronin and Rick Springfield, performing from a specially erected stage on the beach of Two Harbors, Catalina Island in California.

Though the concert was available to watch on-demand within 48 hours, some of the redheads have missed it. Thankfully, Sammy has rejoiced his fans by announcing that the virtual event returns for an encore rebroadcast. He has given the great news that his fans can stream the event on Wednesday, November 25 at 9 PM ET or anytime over Thanksgiving weekend.

As you will see in the video below, Hagar has appeared before the cameras, looking extremely fit, to warn all of his followers to don’t miss it again. The musician stated that the ones who paid already, don’t have to pay again, they can watch it on the same platform.

The majority of Sammy’s followers, including his beautiful daughter, Kama Hagar, have popped into the comment section, praising the quite healthy and fit look of the musician despite his age. One of his fans even said Sammy is looking so fit that he can take on Tyson.

Felt honored to have received such kind comments, Sammy Hagar has responded to his fan by saying he’ll be lucky to take on his 19-year-old daughter Samantha at the age of 73.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in his recent Instagram post:

“Hey Redheads, if you missed it once, don’t miss it again! Birthday Bash rebroadcast on tomorrow!

If you paid already you don’t have to pay again, you just watch it (in your nugs account stash). You can also buy it as a gift to ring in the holidays early!

Get on it now, you don’t wanna miss it, get yer party shoes on! 🤘🎉(Link in bio)”

The fan of Hagar said in his comment referring to Mike Tyson:

“Looking fit Sam, you takin’ on Tyson?”

Sammy Hagar responded as:

“Hell now I’ll be lucky to take on my 19-year-old daughter Samantha at my age. 😂”

You can see the post below.