The former frontman of Van Halen and the current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar has unveiled what he thinks about the autobiographical book of Van Halen’s longtime producer, Ted Templeman, who admitted he contemplated having Sammy replace David Lee Roth in his book.

The iconic musician, Sammy Hagar, has recently taken Instagram to give an update on his Sunday morning hike with his lovely wife, Kari Hagar. While most of his fans have appeared in the comment section to say how amazing the couple looks in their matching pullovers, a follower of Sammy, whose nickname is hockey and metal, remarked an interesting issue about the past of Van Halen.

The fan said he just got done reading the famous producer and an unforgettable name in the metal community, Ted Templeman‘s autobiography, ‘Ted Templeman: A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music,’ which was published on April 14, 2020.

The follower of Sammy also mentioned that he had no idea they hooked up with Templeman before the Van Halen era, during Hagar’s Montrose years. He continued and said that it’s crazy to think the producer of Van Halen and Montrose, Ted Templeman, thought having Sammy Hagar replace David Lee Roth at the beginning.

Hagar has paid credit to Templeman and his must-have book by saying it’s really good. As you may remember, during the 1984 Tour, Roth decided to quit Van Halen. Band members have given different reasons for the split, but were rooted in control of the band’s sound, image, singles released, and scheduling.

Roth was concerned about Eddie playing music outside of Van Halen. He was also launching a successful solo career with two hit songs off his ‘Crazy from the Heat’ EP. Eddie was then introduced to Sammy Hagar, to replace Roth, via their mutual Ferrari mechanic.

Hagar was the former frontman for the hard rock band Montrose, and later a solo artist coming off a very successful year. His hit single ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ came from his 1984 album ‘VOA,’ produced by Ted Templeman who had also produced Montrose’s first album ‘Montrose,’ as well as all of Van Halen’s albums up to that point. Hagar agreed to sing as well as play rhythm guitar.

Ted Templeman: A Platinum Producer’s Life in Music,’ which was told by the author, Greg Renoff, recounts Templeman’s remarkable life from child jazz phenom in Santa Cruz, California, in the 1950s to Grammy-winning music executive during the ’70s and ’80s.

The book takes us into the studio sessions of number one hits like ‘Black Water’ by the Doobie Brothers and ‘Jump‘ by Van Halen, as Ted recounts memories and the behind-the-scene dramas that engulfed both massively successful acts.

Throughout, Ted also reveals the inner workings of his professional and personal relationships with some of the most talented and successful recording artists in history, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Lowell George, Sammy Hagar, Linda Ronstadt, David Lee Roth, and Carly Simon.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in his recent Instagram post:

“Headed out for our Sunday morning hike with my honey.”

A fan, whose nickname is hockey and metal, commented as:

“Just got done reading Ted Templeman’s book. I had no idea you guys had hooked up before VH via Montrose. Crazy story to think he contemplated having you replace Roth at the very beginning.”

Sammy responded as:

Good book.”

You can see the post below and check out Templeman’s book here.