Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar’s daughter Kama Hagar posted a new video of herself on Instagram while practicing her skills as a DJ and her father showed his reaction to her newest hobby with a hilarious comment under the post.

As you may know, Sammy Hagar has two lovely daughters, Kama and Samantha, from his ongoing marriage with Kari Hagar. His oldest daughter Kama Hagarhas dedicated most of her life to mindfulness and wellness.

Kama has been managing her eco-luxury skincare brand named ‘Mukama Botanica’ as well as enlightening her followers on social media about mindfulness as a certified holistic wellness coach.

Recently on Instagram, Kama Hagar posted a video of herself while working on her latest hobby of becoming a DJ. As you will see in the video below, even though there is no sound, Kama seems like she is having a great time working on a DJ set.

In the caption of her post, Kama Hagar addressed her fans and followers and congratulate them for surviving such a challenging year. She asked them to take a moment to appreciate their strength to be able to overcome such tragedies and give themselves the biggest hug.

In addition, Kama mentioned what she has been doing to cope with the difficulties she faced during this year and revealed that she is actually learning to DJ. In the comment section of her Instagram post, Sammy Hagar also showed his reaction to his daughter’s interest in becoming a DJ.

In his comment, Sammy asked his daughter to reveal the song that she has been listening to which seemed to make her quite happy. However, the iconic frontman hasn’t received an answer about the mysterious song Kama was working on in the video she posted.

Here’s what Kama Hagar wrote in the caption of her video:

“You made it through quite possibly the most hectic, unpredictable, upside-down year you’ve ever lived through. You survived a global pandemic, some big life-changes, a social re-vamp, a tense election year, and possibly some losses near or far.

You did it. You’re still here. Stop right now and give yourself the biggest hug, pat on the back, words of affirmation, moments of silence, dance party, or soft smile. You deserve it. You’re incredible.

Aside from learning to DJ, I’ve also written you a love letter full of ways to clear out 2020 (alongside the power full moon in Cancer happening right now) before setting intentions to be ready for whatever 2021 throws at you. Clear it out to fill it up. You’re strong. ”

Here is what Sammy Hagar stated in his comment on Kama’s video:

“Yeah but what are you listening to that makes you so happy little girl.😘”

You can watch the video Kama Hagar posted on her Instagram account below.