Sammy Hagar recently posted a video on his Instagram in which Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger is seen invading his dressing room. In the post, The Red Rocker also shared his reaction to this hilarious video.

As you may know, Sammy Hagar has a restaurant chain named Cabo Wabo. The musician generally celebrates his birthdays at his restaurants with an event he calls ‘Birthday Bashes.’ However, he moved the event to Catalina this year due to the pandemic.

The Red Rocker’s Birthday Bash took place on October 9, and it was legendary as expected. A day later, Hagar posted a video on his Twitter in which he acted as if he got arrested before the performance. The video was quite entertaining, and the fans thought it was a great entrance for the gig.

With his new post, Hagar shared another entertaining video featuring Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and Guy Fiery. In the video, Guy Fiery is holding the camera and showing the fans Hagar’s dressing room. Fiery then says the room includes a great number of photos of Kroeger, and he kind of ‘owns the place.’ Following that, he and Kroeger wish Hagar a happy birthday.

Sharing this video on his Instagram, Sammy Hagar said that this is his dressing room, and he will be there on Tuesday. The Red Rocker then told Guy Fieri that he hopes it won’t smell like Flavortown. Sammy added that he also hopes they don’t play Nickelback there as if Kroeger owns the place.

Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post read:

Hey, Guy, that’s my dressing room! I am headed down there Tuesday, and it better not smell like Flavortown or who knows what. And playing Nickelback like Chad owns the place.

PS: Save me some tequila, please.”

As it seems, Sammy Hagar is returning to Cabo Wabo after his Birthday Bash in Catalina. The fans’ comments below the video show that they are pretty eager to see Hagar performing with Kroeger. However, there hasn’t been such an announcement yet.