Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar remembered the time when he was invited to jam with Van Halen by Eddie Van Halen and his reaction to Hagar’s voice during his interview with Washington Post National Arts reporter Geoff Edgers on Instagram.

As you may know, Van Halen started to look for a new lead vocalist after David Lee Roth decided to leave the band because of creative differences between the other members of the band in 1985. Initially, Eddie Van Halen wanted to recruit Scandal’s Patty Smyth but she refused.

Then, Eddie wanted former Montrose frontman Sammy Hagar to join the band thanks to his admiration for Hagar’s performance in Montrose and a car mechanic’s suggestion. Hagar became Van Halen’s new lead vocalist at the first time when they heard his remarkable voice.

In his recent interview on Instagram, Hagar recalled the first time when he joined Van Halen in one of their recording sessions. He started to sing as soon as he heard the melody of the song. Hagar highlighted that Eddie and the other members of the band were so impressed by his voice that they almost stopped playing and said ‘what the hell is going on.’

Washington Post’s IG post read as follows.

“Stuck with Geoff: Live with Sammy Hagar

Washington Post National Arts reporter Geoff Edgers interviewed Sammy Hagar as part of our IG Live series. They talked about his time in Van Halen, Montrose, and his feelings about vaccines, tequila, and Steve Marriott. Tune in every Friday at 2 p.m. EST to see Geoff live with more special guests.”

In Hagar’s words, he said:

“From the second I walked into the studio… I got there at noon. They had been up all night working on a couple of songs. It wasn’t like an audition. Eddie asked me to come down and jam. I said sure. I mean who’s gonna refuse to jam with Eddie Van Halen? So I came down I just went back from a tour. I was a little cooked but these days I was so healthy and in such good shape.

I could sing like a bird. My voice was the best shape that has ever been when I walked in that door. He started playing ‘Summer Nights’ and I started singing that. I don’t think that they stopped but Eddie almost stopped and said ‘what the hell is going on, Is this some kind of a magic guy or something?’ We finished it. Then I went home and wrote the lyrics. I  had all the melodies. I just made them up.”

Sammy Hagar became the frontman of Van Halen thanks to his remarkable vocal talent and he was the voice behind the iconic Van Halen albums, ‘5150,’ ‘OU812,’ ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,’ and ‘Balance.’