Van Halen’s former vocalist and the current frontman of The Circle, Sammy Hagar, took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed the best times of the rock music.

During his solo career in 1979, Sammy promoted the sports car that has the exact same name with his solo album, Street Machine. He was doing it for the KMEL Radio that you can see how much money they were earning at those times.

Also, Sammy’s Street Machine album peaked at number 71 on the Billboard 200 album charts, and it has ten songs that 41 minutes long. Moreover, the album features the singles like Wounded in Love, This Planet’s on Fire, and more.

As you can see in the picture below, Sammy was laying down on top of the car and giving a smile towards the camera. He was wearing a basic t-shirt and long-waisted pants that suits with those times.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said:

“Those were the days when rock radio had promotions like this!”

You can check out the post below.