Former Van Halen frontman and currently working with the Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar, has posted a rare photo from his stage performance during their concert at Cow Palace, Daly City, from the 5150 Tour.

After Sammy Hagar shared this rare photo that was taken back on November 1, 1986, lots of fans wondered if he’s ever played guitar on stage with Eddie Van Halen. According to Sammy, the answer is, no. However, he took the stage instead of Eddie himself and played the guitar while he’s mostly famous because of his vocal skills.

Sammy Hagar responded to one of these questions under the caption of the photo and stated that Eddie was on the keyboard that night and they’ve never been able to play guitar with him on stage.

Here is the caption that Sammy Hagar wrote and informed his followers about the background of the photo:

“This was the end of the 5150 tours, I believe Cow Palace in San Francisco 1986? One of four nights. Or thereabouts.”

An Instagram user and Sammy Hagar fan named Victor Alvarez wrote this:

“I didn’t know you played guitar 🎸 on stage with Eddie Van Halen.”

Sammy Hagar responded to the comment and revealed the exact story:

“During why can’t this be love Eddie played keyboards live and I play guitar. Also, one Way to rock, you really got me and 55.”

You can check out that rare footage of Sammy right below.