Sammy Hagar, the former lead singer of Van Halen and a successful solo artist, shared a post on his official Instagram page and replied to a fan worried about his health and commented on the post.

There has been a pandemic that concerned everybody from all over the world that we now all know and feel familiar with, COVID-19. While authorities have been trying to execute the precautions, due to the lack of information about the virus, many people died and suffered from it.

Many people from the music industry have also been infected by coronavirus and either died or went through serious after-effects. The official website of Billboard even published an article dedicated to musicians we have lost to the COVID-19. While fans are devastated by the loss of great musicians like William Pursell, Alan Merrill, and Matthew Seligman due to coronavirus, there also have been some heartbreaking death news from the music industry due to other health issues.

About two weeks ago it was revealed that Mark Stone, Van Halen’s original bassist, has passed away after a battle with cancer. Stone’s death was announced by his brother, Brad Stone, through his official Instagram page.

Just nearly one week after this tragic incident, another shocking news was revealed by Wolfgang Van Halen. Wolfgang announced that his father, great musician Eddie Van Halen also passed away due to throat cancer.

Fans are now worried than ever since nearly every day there has been a death announcement of a beloved musician whether because of COVID-19 or an unfortunate health condition.

Recently a concerned fan commented on Sammy Hagar‘s latest Instagram post and stated that we cannot lose another legend and wanted him to stay health. And fan’s comment became the most liked one out of all. Hagar replied to his fan’s statement with nothing but a clinking glasses emoji.

Here is what the fan said:

“Love ya Sammy. Please stay healthy brother. We can’t take losing any more of our heroes!”

You can see the Instagram post below.