Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar joined arts reporter Geoff Edgers’ Instagram Live show Stuck With Geoff, and he answered the people who accused him of not wearing a mask and not following COVID-19 precautions.

As you might remember, many celebrities didn’t realize that COVID-19 is a very serious and deathly virus at the beginning of the pandemic. As one of them, Hagar was also seriously targeted and criticized by his fans due to his unwillingness to follow COVID-19 precautions.

Sammy Hagar has previously emphasized that he wasn’t happy about being obliged to wear masks in different areas. Also, he faced harsh criticism after some people, who didn’t wear any masks, were seen during his live show in his restaurant named Cabo Wabo. However, he defended himself by saying that he followed every rule in his restaurant.

During his interview on Instagram, Hagar responded to the criticism about his previous statements, including not wanting to wear a mask. He stated that he only supported people’s freedom to choose initially but later realized that people couldn’t have such freedom during the global pandemic.

Hagar stated in his interview that:

“I believe in freedom and all that, but then there’s a certain point of freedom where you say, ‘No, I’ve got to sacrifice my freedom. If I’ve got to wear a mask and you’ve got to wear a mask, then that’s what we have to do so that everyone can be protected and be safe.’ This thing, I know it’s serious now. As I said, it took so long before anybody I knew had it.

Well, now I know all kinds of people that have gotten sick, and I know people that have died of it — friends of mine, friends that have died, and their parents and young people and old people. I’m a hardheaded guy and I’ve always been a rock star my whole life to do whatever you want, whenever you want. However, we’ve got to get it fixed. That’s all I ask of everyone. Do what you got to do to make sure this thing goes away and stays away. I hope it will someday go.”

Therefore, it seems that Sammy Hagar clearly understood the reason behind COVID-19 precautions after he lost people around him due to this deadly virus and has now admitted that he was wrong about it in the beginning.

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