The former lead singer of Van Halen and the current vocalist of The Circle, Sammy Hagar has posted a video in which he plays guitar with his bandmate Vic Johnson as he stopped by his house and answered a question about Wolfgang Van Halen in the comments.

Through his latest Instagram post, Sammy Hagar has rejoiced his fans together with the guitarist of The Circle, Victor L. Johnson. Hagar said that Johnson came by his house to catch up a little bit. Two members of The Circle played for Hagar’s dog as they recalled the days they get on the stage.

Lots of Sammy Hagar’s fans have said in the comments how they have missed the concerts of the band. They asked Sammy to go on a tour when the global coronavirus outbreak is finally over.

While most of the reactions to the video expressed a huge longing to the live performances of Sammy Hagar, a fan, whose name is Mike, suggested the bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang, to play as the opening act for The Circle. Hagar finds this idea great and said that it would be amazing.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his latest post:

Vic Johnson decided to stop by catch up a little bit.”

A fan, whose name is Mike, commented as:

Wolfgang should open for The Circle.”

Hagar responded as:

“That would be amazing.

You can see the post below.