The ex-frontman of Van Halen and the current vocalist of The Circle, Sammy Hagar has released the tenth episode of ‘Circle At Home Sessions‘ and admitted that his favorite show opening song is from The Circle, and not from Van Halen contrary to popular belief.

The legendary musician Sammy Hagar has returned with the brand new episode of the lockdown concert series that he has been doing with The Circle. Performed several songs since the beginning of the self-quarantine period, the band, at last, came up with the episode in which they played the favorite song of Hagar, ‘Sympathy For The Human’ from the Wabo era.

Though Hagar is most renowned during his Van Halen period and played with them more than a decade, he admitted in his recent tweet, sharing the video of his performance with The Circle, that the song by which he loves to open a show the most is ‘Sympathy For The Human‘ from The Waboritas, not from Van Halen.

He said that whenever they started a concert with this song, it always ended up being a great one. The song, which is from the album named, ‘Red Voodoo,’ of The Waboritas was released in 1999. The overall album reflects the party atmosphere that permeated Hagar’s concerts at this time.

The Waboritas, which was formed in 1997, is the backup band of Sammy Hagar, though they are frequently and more recently referred to as ‘The Wabos.’ The band included David Lauser on drums, Jesse Harms on keyboards, the guitarist Vic Johnson, and the bassist Mona Gnader.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said in his recent tweet:

“This song has always been one of my favorites from the Wabo era. Whenever we started a show with this song it always ended up being a great one. ‘Sympathy For The Human‘ – ain’t it the truth.

It’s episode 10 of the ‘Circle At Home Sessions.'”

You can see the tweet below.