Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar revealed his favorite song of another former Van Halen singer, David Lee Roth after a fan asked in the comment section of his post displaying Roth’s recent illustration dedicated to Hagar.

As you may know, there has been an on-going drama between two legendary Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, which, once again, ignited when David Lee Roth shared his brand new illustration for ‘Soggy Bottom.’ Roth’s brand new art brought controversy along with it since it clearly referred to his frenemy, Sammy Hagar.

While some fans considered the illustration an obvious demonstration of David Lee Roth’s buried negative feelings for Sammy Hagar, some thought it was pure fun and humor without hard-feelings.

When it comes to Hagar himself, apparently, he found Roth’s artwork hilarious since he posted it on his official Instagram page and made it perfectly clear that he has no beef with David Lee Roth.

Since Sammy Hagar thanked David for making him the subject for his hand-drawn art made it pretty obvious that Hagar has no problem with Roth, fans started to ask questions to him about Roth under his post. One of them asked Sammy to share his favorite song of Roth to which Hagar replied by revealing it was ‘Unchained’ by Van Halen when Roth was the frontman of the band.

Here is what the fan asked:

“Sam, do you have a favorite David Lee Roth song?”

Here is what Hagar said:


You can listen to David Lee Roth’s ‘Unchained’ right below.