Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar released a statement about late guitarist Eddie Van Halen and unveiled how they reconnected years later but agreed to keep it as a secret.

Renowned lead guitarist and the co-founder of Van Halen, Eddie passed away on October 6,2020, following his long battle with cancer. His son and Van Halen’s current bassist Wolfgang gave the devastating news of his father’s death with a statement he posted on his Twitter account.

The fans and friends of the legendary guitarist mourned after his tragic loss with various posts and statements on social media. Eddie’s former bandmate Sammy Hagar was among the people whose statement was wondered dearly considering the complicated history of their friendship.

However, Sammy released a statement shortly after Eddie’s death which was read by Howard Stern on his SiriusXM  radio show. In his open letter, Hagar confirmed that he and Eddie actually reconnected earlier this year and claimed it had been a ‘love fest’ ever since.

Sammy revealed that they both agreed on keeping their relationship as a secret since it would start the rumors about a possible reunion which was almost impossible. He also mentioned that Eddie didn’t want anyone to know about his health status.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar stated about he and Eddie’s decision about their friendship:

“Eddie and I had been texting, and it’s been a love fest since we started communicating earlier this year.

We both agreed not to tell anyone, because of all the rumors it would stir up about a reunion, et cetera, and we both knew that wasn’t gonna happen. But he also didn’t want anyone to know about his health.”

Furthermore, Hagar unveiled that Eddie Van Halen stopped sending him messages almost a month ago which he considered as an indication of how his health status got worse and continued:

He stopped responding to me a month ago, and I figured it wasn’t good. I reached out one more time last week, and when he didn’t respond, I figured it was a matter of time. But it came way too soon.”

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