Former Van Halen frontman and current member of The Circle Sammy Hagar recently posted a photo of himself and a person that is very special to him on his Instagram account and described how this person’s existence in his life has helped Sammy to make the right choices and kept him on track.

As you probably know, Sammy Hagar has been a popular figure in the rock scene for over five decades. He started pursuing a career in rock music back in 1967 and his fame increased when he joined Montrose at the beginning of the ’70s. He achieved worldwide fame after he quit Montrose, pursued a solo career, and then became the frontman of Van Halen.

However, while all of these were happening in his life, Sammy Hagar had some other roles to play too. In 1968 Sammy married his first wife Betsy Berardi with whom he had two sons, Aaron who was born in 1970, and Andrew who was born in 1984. Being a father trying to make it in the rock scene in his 20s must have been challenging for Sammy but as it turns out, this is actually what kept him straight and on track.

With his recent Instagram post, Sammy celebrated the birthday of his firstborn son Aaron, who is now 51 years old, and thanked him for helping him concentrate on his job and staying on track. He said that although it was challenging to have a son at that age, Aaron was his ‘savior’ and the reason why he’s in such good health today. He went on to say that he’s ‘more of a brother than a son today‘ and thanked him for coming into his life.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“51+ years ago my first child was born his name Aaron Samuel Hagar aka Captain America! This little guy went on the whole journey with me — I was 20 years old & I took fatherhood seriously. He saw the hard times and shared the good times. We saw the world together. he knows the difference first hand between having nothing and having everything. This little guy has been on a fantasy Pisces journey from day one, & still searching this planet for a new adventure today. I can honestly say having a child and being responsible at 20 years old while starting a career in rock and roll, this little guy right here may be the savior that kept me straight, on track, and in good health today. I thank you for that and much more Aaron. Happy birthday I feel like you’re more of a brother than a son today. ❤️ Pop.

P.S. I would have a toast with him today but this guy has never drunk, taken drugs, or smoked in his life… wow, I’ll drink to that 🥂 Happy birthday, Aaron Hagar.”

Click here to check out the photo that Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account.