Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar posted a photo of himself on Instagram taken at the Guadalajara Airport and explained why he had to wear a mask even though he was highly uncomfortable.

As you might know, former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has been managing a restaurant named Cabo Wabo in Mexico. He has been spending some time in there preparing his restaurant before reopening. A few days ago, Sammy shared a video of his restaurant on Instagram showing the preparations and it looked almost ready to welcome customers again.

Recently on Instagram, Sammy Hagar posted a photo of himself taken at the Guadalajara Airport. As you will see in the photo below, Sammy is wearing a colorful mask and sunglasses which made him hard to be recognized. On the caption of his post, he simply stated:

Leaving Guadalajara #mexico #WearYourMaskAgain

In the comment section of his Instagram post, Sammy started a Q&A alike conversation with the fans and answered many of their questions. The fans mostly wanted to know about how Sammy was feeling about wearing a mask since he seemed to be quite unconcerned about the coronavirus regarding his previous posts.

Sammy explained that he was actually forced to wear a mask by the airport police and he was quite uncomfortable about it.

A fan named Chris Sluvon wrote:

What a ray of sunshine you are.☀️ Bet you have that huge Sammy smile under that dang mask.😁

Sammy replied to the comment by explaining how hard it was to wear a mask and not to touch anything:

I definitely had the big smile under that mask earlier but at the time I was a little pissy. That’s why Kari took the photograph because I was standing in the middle of the room try not to touch anything or anyone. I hate this not being able to hug people.😁

A fan named Nanci Boyd asked for advice to convince his brother to wear a mask:

“Sure wish you could get the message thru to my thick-headed brother! He refuses to wear a mask.”

Sammy Hagar responded to his fans’ comment:

Just tell him I hate to wear one too. But when you’re in certain situations you have to so just suck it up and fucking do it. Hopefully, this shit will be over soon.”

Another fan named Mark Vinn implied he didn’t need to wear masks and said:

“No Mask, No Mask.”

As a response to the comment, Sammy wrote:

“Unfortunately the security at the airport did. Or should I say fortunately🤙 It was mandatory that’s why I was standing in the middle of the room looking a little pissed but a win in Rome do as the Romans better safe than sorry.🥂

You can see the photo Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account below.