Sammy Hagar made an appearance on Lipps Service with Scott Lipps and stated that he wishes he had also invented a sound just like Van Halen.

As you know, Sammy Hagar worked with Van Halen at several points throughout his career. Back in those days, Van Halen was one of the most successful rock acts, and they had a unique sound with the virtuosic guitar-playing talent of their lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

After he parted ways with Van Halen, Hagar focused on his career with his band The Circle. Apart from their 2019’s album Space Between, The Circle released an album titled ‘Lockdown 2020’ in 2021. The album featured 11 tracks that the band recorded virtually during their lockdown sessions.

In an interview on Lipps Service with Scott Lipps, Sammy Hagar talked about The Circle’s ‘Lockdown 2020’ album. He said that although people don’t believe them, they recorded everything on iPhone. The Red Rocker then talked about the recording process and said it only cost them about $72.

Following that, Sammy Hagar stated he wishes he would have invented a sound when he started making music. He then said he never had a sound himself, but Van Halen had a sound just like The Doors, The Stones, Led Zeppelin did. Hagar also added that he doesn’t really have a sound other than his voice.

Sammy Hagar told Lipps Service with Scott Lipps that:

“On the ‘Lockdown 2020,’ everything was recorded on iPhone. People don’t believe us. It was even when I did ‘Heroes,’ I did it on this microphone in the end. You know, in my studio, into my iPhone. The reason I did it on a better mic is that when you get that close to that little iPhone mic and sing that low, it would be [gabbles]. You know, it would have done it.

So, when I’m screaming, I’m holding it like this. I got it on selfie mode and if you look at all of the videos, I’m recording and filming myself. I would do three takes to the bass, drums, and guitar that the band would put on individually on their iPhones. Then I would do three takes and we’d all send it to my master Jon Luini, my social media genius. He would edit it down together and make a video and a record on iPhones. Do you know how much this thing cost? About $72.

It was really cool, and it sounds like nothing else. You know, I wish I would have invented a sound when I started my music. I’ve never made the same sounds, but you know, Van Halen had a sound. The Doors, The Stones, Led Zeppelin had a sound. Sammy Hagar doesn’t really have a sound other than my voice which I can’t change. But musically, I got a sound with my band.”

Below, you can check out Sammy Hagar and The Circle performing Van Halen’s ‘Right Now’ during their lockdown sessions.