Van Halen‘s former lead vocalist Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing his son, Andrew Hagar’s newly released song titled ‘Cold Knife Karma’ and sarcastically commented on his post about Andrew after a fan’s question.

As you may know, Andrew Hagar followed his father’s footsteps when it comes to the choice of profession, yet it took him a while since he decided to get into music after he was past 30. Until he wrapped his head around the idea of being a musician, Hagar was actually a kickboxer.

Sammy Hagar recently shared a post on his official Instagram page in order to support his son and announced Andrew’s new single ‘Cold Knife Karma.’ In the comments section, a fan posted a comment praising Andrew and his song while humorously asking Sammy where he has been hiding his son.

Here is what the fan said:

“Ok, Sammy, you’re right. The song is pretty damn good. But I have a question…. where have you been hiding that eye candy son of yours? That face and that voice. Sheesh.”

Sammy Hagar also shared a comment as a response to his fan’s message praising his son’s appearance along with his music. In his comment, Hagar sarcastically stated that his son makes him look bad.

Here is what Sammy said:

“He makes me look Look bad I don’t like to take pictures with him ha ha ha!”

You can see Sammy Hagar’s Instagram post and the comments below.