Sammy Hagar is selling out tickets for the current tour for his 2013 album, ‘Sammy Hagar & Friends,’ and the singer recently stated that he has plans to play mainly Van Halen on one show and Montrose on another.

Hagar has definitely advantaged from being a successful vocalist in several legendary bands over the years. The Red Rocker is often known as Van Halen’s on and off lead singer, usually replacing David Lee Roth whenever he quit the band. He also formed other bands during that time while establishing a solid solo career.

The singer is still active in the music scene with albums and tours as he released a new record last year with The Circle. He is currently on the ‘Sammy Hagar & Friends’ tour with The Circle and sold-out his first six dates in October and November. In his interview with Las Vegas Sun, he revealed that he has plans for the upcoming shows regarding Van Halen and Montrose.

The Red Rocker stated that he would play mainly Van Halen one night and then Montrose the other night. He seems pretty excited to spice up his shows with themes and give his fans the delight of hearing Van Halen sounds on stage.

Here is what he stated about playing Van Halen songs:

One night, we’re going to come out and play Van Halen for an hour, then start cherry-picking. Another night we might just play Montrose, which will be fun because that’s only about 35 minutes of music. I want to do it with a different theme every night and really mix it up.”

As you may know, after Eddie Van Halen’s passing, the band ruled the idea of a reunion, and the fans were disappointed with this unexpected news. However, thanks to Hagar, they will be able to hear their songs live once again.