During a recent interview with Variety Magazine, former Van Halen and current The Circle singer, Sammy Hagar, talked about his relationship with Eddie Van Halen and revealed how he really felt about a possible Van Halen reunion including David Lee Roth.

As you may recall, Sammy Hagar has made it to the headlines multiple times with his interesting posts and statements considering Eddie and Van Halen. He had recently posted a video of himself and Eddie Van Halen performing in a School Benefit in 1993 and reminisced the special memories he had with the late guitar legend.

In his recent interview, Sammy Hagar talked about the widely discussed Van Halen reunion which was being planned prior to Eddie’s illness. He said that he was looking forward to this reunion and was actually trying to convince Van Halen members including David Lee Roth for ten years that it would be amazing for both the band and their devoted fans.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the interview:

“Eddie and Alex and Irving Azoff, their manager and my dear friend, we were looking at doing the reunion tour with everybody, which is the way it had to be.

I’ve been pushing for that for 10 years, to put any differences aside. Let’s go give the fans the biggest band in the world, you know what I mean? You don’t get bigger than Van Halen, and the fans deserve to see it all, hear every song.”

Although Hagar has achieved great success with his band, The Circle, during the interview he said that his audience almost always asks him to perform a Van Halen song. Yet, Sammy said it can be challenging for him as he can never sing David Lee Roth’s songs as good as him, and similarly, Roth cannot sing Hagar’s songs as well as him.

Sammy claimed that this is why fans can only listen to some of Van Halen’s less famous songs instead of their number one hits because the whole band is not there to perform together. Hagar said that this is not fair and that a reunion would have been wonderful and it would definitely be appreciated by Van Halen fans.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the interview:

“You know, you go see just me, I’ll sing some of the Dave songs, but I wouldn’t ever sing enough, and then he can’t sing my songs, so they never heard, you know, the Van Halen hits, the No. 1 albums we had.

And so it’s not fair. You know, there’s always a bitch. Every time we do a reunion, whichever one it was, it was a bitch. But yeah, that would have been wonderful.”

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