The former bassist of Van Halen, Michael Anthony excited the fans by hinting a new session video of The Circle, and another member of the band, Sammy Hagar, jokingly said that he is going to quit.

With the lockdown session videos during the self-quarantine days, the supergroup ‘The Circle’ has continued to entertain their fans. Recently, the bassist of the band, Michael Anthony has shared a post on Instagram to ask who is ready for the next session video of the band and Hagar has jumped in the comments to tease his bandmate.

Sammy Hagar said jestingly that he is not ready because he is going to quit the band before he got kicked out. He continued with lots of laughing emojis and said that he cannot withstand another band to kick him out. The fans of the band contributed to Hagar’s joke and said that a band drama is going on there.

Here is what Anthony said on his Instagram post:

“Who’s ready for the next Circle 2020 Session video??”

Here is the reply of Sammy Hagar to the post:

“I’m sorry Mike but not me. I’m quitting the band before I get kicked out. Not sure I can withstand another band kicking me out so I quit.”

You can see Michael Anthony’s post below.