Van Halen‘s iconic former vocalist Sammy Hagar responded to a video of another former Van Halen member, Michael Anthony, realizing his little grandchildren wearing AC/DC T-shirts.

Former bassist of Van Halen, Michael Anthony has been married to his wife Sue since 1981. The couple has two daughters named Elisha and Taylor. Elisha welcomed her second child, Billie Lynn, on July 23, 2019.

Recently on Instagram, Michael Anthony shared a video with his grandchildren, Nina and Billie, playing bass to celebrate Billie Lynn’s first birthday. As you will see in the video below, Michael seems to be enjoying spending time with his grandkids.

On the caption of his video, Michael stated:

Happy 1st Birthday to my granddaughter Billie Lynn!! Seems like yesterday her big sister Nina got introduced to the bass…love you both!!!

Furthermore, Van Halen icon Sammy Hagar paid attention to another detail in Michael’s video. As Sammy mentioned in the comment area, both of Michael’s grandchildren were wearing AC/DC T-shirts. Apparently, the rock icon’s little family members are actually the fans of the hard rock band AC/DC.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar stated in his comment to Michael Anthony’s video:

I love the AC/DC shirt right on grandpa PS “what’s for dinner grandpa” Berry pie ribs on the bone, fried chicken with mashed taters green beans all with a healthy dose of Mad Anthony’s hot sauce yum yum.”

As a response to Sammy’s comment, Michael wrote:

“Yes, that’s for me, a bottle for Billie Lynn🔥🔥

You can watch the video Michael Anthony posted on his Instagram account below.